We would very much like to fill the following positions in time for our January 28 planning meeting.   These positions are all on the COP Core Team and are open to Golden Gate Chapter members only:

  1. Training Project Manager -- This person oversees the progress of the various training projects.
  2. In-Service Manager for Training -- As needed, this person coaches volunteers on various elements of instructional design. This person is an expert in instructional design. This position could also be the Workshop Leader, Instructional Design.
  3. Workshop Leader, Instructional Design – This person has extensive experience in instructional design and outstanding workshop facilitation skills. This person conducts the workshop and coaches participants on their instructional design projects.
  4. Meeting Projects Manager – This person oversees the progress of the various meeting design & facilitation projects.
  5. In-Service Manager for Meetings -- This person conducts the in-service workshops that are essential for the quality of the meeting. These workshops address various roles of a meeting:
    1. a. Subject Experts / Presenters – training presenters how to conduct their portion of the content so that participants understand the material. They also need to understand the overall meeting design.
    2. b. Facilitators / Recorders – training facilitators & recorders about the meeting objectives, design, timing.
    3. Facilitation – training new facilitators about how to conduct the various types of meeting design activities such as how decisions are being made (consensus, voting, nominal group process, etc.)
    4. Recording – training new recorders about how to provide a visual record of the meeting which could include participant input, a meeting history, etc.

    COP Core Team members volunteer for one year. This puts you into the position of decision and policy making regarding COP – a money-making SIG, understanding our ISD (instructional systems design) process, and working with a self-directed team of dedicated volunteers.

    The COP Core Team meets virtually (on the phone) every month. As well, the Core Team has various face-to-face meetings during the year, and in COP tradition these always include food.

    If you become a Core Team member, our first face to face meeting is on January 28 from 10 am to 4 pm in the East Bay. Yes, food is involved.

    If you feel you would be good candidates for any of these positions, please send an email ASAP to
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